The Financial Structure Of Your FUN Area

This is a long read and can be confusing. But don’t worry; once the program is live, you will quickly get the hang of it. You can also check out an impression of the FUN Area, the place where you can find all your personal information. But the final version will be much clearer, more professional, and more appealing. With so many different money streams coming in and going out, we must lay the foundation for a sturdy and well-organized financial structure. If you pay for a product, service, or transaction from your pocket, we will create an accounting ledger registering all your financial transactions.

CREDITS Wallet: Everrything you purchase on the FUN platform is done by FUN credits. A FUN credit is pegged to the US dollar, hence, the value of a FUN credit is $1. FUN credits are available in batches of 30. It is not possible to transfer FUN credits to another member.

FUN Wallet: The $300 commission payments you earn from the RICH Matrix Plan, the Referral Bonuses you collect when one of your referrals earns $300, and your Sales Bonuses, paid every four weeks, are deposited into your FUN Wallet. You can transfer money from your FUN Wallet to other FUN members. The sender and the receiver both pay a fixed one FUN credit transaction fee.

SHOP Wallet: If you have subscribed to the MAD program, your Unilevel Plan earnings, paid every Friday at noon GMT, are deposited into your Shop Wallet. The money can only be spent on the FUN marketplace, whereafter you will receive cashback up to 100%. If you did not subscribe to the MAD program, your Unilevel Plan earnings will be transferred to your FUN Wallet.

STORE Wallet: FUN merchants can activate this wallet to receive payments for orders by FUN members. After 31 January 2025, this wallet will be replaced by the BITTY Wallet.

SALARY Wallet: Employees’ compensation is deposited into their Salary Wallet.

ESCROW Wallet: This account allows two parties to secure a high-value or important transaction. Payment for any item is stored in the seller’s Escrow Wallet, and after the merchandise is received by the buyer, the money is released to the seller.

AUCTION Wallet: This is a dedicated wallet to reserve funds for FUN auctions. Money received for auctioned NFTs, or tangible items will be entered into your Auction Wallet. The Wallet will be available from 1 February 2025. Cash in your Auction Wallet can be replenished from your FUN Wallet or external sources.

LIKES Wallet: In the FUN concept, ‘Likes’ mean money. You can order 300 Likes for 30 FUN credits, and if you have collected 600 Likes, via multiple FUN programs, you will activate a RICH matrix position.

KIDS Wallet: Children can be registered from birth. A parent or custodian supervises the KIDS Wallet until the child is 16.

BITTY Wallet: This wallet will replace the FUN Wallet from 1 February 2025.

BITTY Trading Wallet: Available from 1 February 2035. To open a Trading Wallet is 30 FUN credits per year. This action will activate a Smart Contract (= the current RICH matrix positions)

BITTY Exchange Account: The BTX Account will be available from 1 February 2025.

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