Appoint A FUN Beneficiary Today! 

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your FUN account and earnings after you’re gone? Well, we have some important information for you! Did you know there’s a way to ensure that your hard-earned money and rewards are passed on to someone you love and trust? It’s appointing a beneficiary, which is an intelligent decision to make! By appointing a beneficiary, you guarantee that your account will be merged with your beneficiary if something unexpected happens. This means all the money and pending income in your account will be safely merged with your beneficiary’s account.

You might be thinking, “How much does it cost?” Well, guess what? It’s just a one-time fee of 30 FUN credits. As a bonus, you’ll activate a RICH matrix position for making this wise decision. But wait, there’s more! The RICH matrix position you’ll activate generates $300 earnings repeatedly, which are yours to keep! So not only are you securing your legacy, but you also earn $300 repeatedly.


We understand that not everyone wants to appoint an heir or has a candidate, and that’s okay. However, it’s essential to know that if your account remains inactive for 12 months, it will automatically be frozen. But don’t worry; FUN will not benefit from your frozen account because it will be merged with the FUN H.E.L.P. Charity Fund account. You will receive a few email reminders before this happens but understand that this act is irreversible.

Take control of your inheritance and appoint a beneficiary today! It’s a small step that can make a big difference in protecting your hard work and earnings. You will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your legacy will live on even after you’re gone. 

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