They Can Start Young

You can register your child as a FUN member from birth and subscribe to the Kid’s program. Various activities for kids will be introduced, like educational programs and games for any age after their fourth year. The earnings generated by the Kid’s Program will be deposited in a dedicated Kids Account.

A Kid’s program will repeatedly generate $300 commission payments. Start when your child is born, and 16 years later, the Kids Account has enough money for the youngster to go to college and buy a car, with enough pocket money left to last the entire school period. And your cost? A mere $30 per year.

A FUN Kids Account could be ideal for parents eager to teach kids about money. A Kids Account is designed for kids under the age of 16. The child and a parent or guardian act as joint account holders. Unlike regular savings accounts, a FUN Kids Account comes with additional perks such as:

  • No opening balance requirements,
  • Online learning tools to boost a child’s financial education,
  • Mobile app so kids can easily view their accounts,
  • A kid’s subscription offers specific kid-centric features.

Custodial Account

A Kids Account is a custodial account. Funds cannot be accessed until the child turns 16. Your kid’s earnings are held in a dedicated account managed and monitored by a duly registered attorney. You can watch the balance increase in your Kid’s Account online. 

At 10, your child can become a member of The Club.


A Kids Account comes with a 10 GB archive. The parents can store everything worth saving in the archive, like stories, pictures, videos, and audio recordings. Received birthday cards, school results, and sweet memories of pets that passed away and friends they lost contact with.