Spoil Your Palate

Cooking shows often inspire viewers to improve their culinary skills so they can enjoy the delicious-looking dishes the host or guest prepares. There is a scientific reason why people find cooking demonstrations entertaining. This has motivated our founder to create a program that allows members to showcase their culinary creations.

Doesn’t it sound exciting to have access to recipes from around the world? It will be a delightful social platform where members can share their recipes. Membership is free, but if you want to upload your recipes, you must subscribe, which costs 30 FUN credits per year.

You can earn a commission through our RICH matrix position, and your culinary creations can earn you recognition and rewards. Each ‘like’ from our members is a step towards achieving 30 FUN credits and activating another matrix position. Your creations will stand out with our only a few thousand recipes database.

Read more about the Recipes program here.