You are not required to introduce new FUN members despite the virtual business card being the perfect tool to recruit new members. We have created the Referral Plan to encourage you to introduce everyone you know and don’t know yet. This Referral Plan pays a percentage of your referrals earned $300 RICH matrix commissions. The percentages are set as follows. When you enroll:

1 Member, you’ll get a 10% Referral Bonus, = $30,
2 Members, you’ll get a 25% Referral Bonus, = $75,
3 Members, you’ll get a 50% Referral Bonus, = $150,
4 Members, you’ll get a 75% Referral Bonus, = $225, 
5 Members or more, you’ll get a 100% Referral Bonus, = $300

There is no limit to the number of FUN members you can enroll. It should be clear that you can become a wealthy member thanks to the Referral Plan. If you have a little imagination, you will understand that your Referral Bonus earnings can go through the roof if you refer many new FUN members. Every time your referral is paid a $300 matrix commission, your referral bonus will be transferred to your FUN wallet.