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The FUN program will launch on September 1st, 2024, and become the FUN blockchain on February 1st, 2025. On this date, RICH matrix positions will be converted into Smart Contracts.

Seize the opportunity to secure a RICH matrix spot in the FUN program. You can activate a RICH matrix position by reserving a subscription or ordering FUN credits, services, or products. Once the program goes live on September 1st, your order will be placed in the queue of reserved orders, ready to be activated in the order it was made.

While we can’t guarantee earnings from the reserved positions until payment is made, the potential is there. Remember, payment must be made no later than September 7th to start earning commissions. The first commission run will occur the next day, with subsequent runs taking place daily at midnight GMT.

Your ordered FUN subscriptions, products, and services can be accessed once they become available. For example, if you have ordered a subscription, it will start for a year only from the day the program you subscribed to becomes active.

The chances that you will have made more earnings than you had to pay are significant.

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FUN Credits are used, for example, to participate in the Mystery T-shirt raffle and to claim FUNnames.
What Do You Think About Mystery T-Shirt?
Go here to read more about the program

Mystery T-shirt Items

In your FUN Area, you will need to enter your physical address. You can select multiple items. For every $30 you spent, a RICH matrix position will be activated.
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Reserve Likes
You caan read more about likes, if you follow this link:
What Do You Think About Fmail And The Club?
You can read more about Fmail here and for The Club, go here
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I Like To Reserve The Following 'The Club' Items:
The eStamps we are offering during the reservation period are the Buick Skylark series.
Would You Like To Appoint A Beneficiary?
Read more about a Beneficiary here: The fee is onetime 30 FUN credits. Don't forget that the person has to pre-register.
Do You Like To Order Pear IT Services?
See for more information.
Promotion Services
You can go to to read more about the marketing tools.
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If you do not want to reserve a FUNname, you will be registered with a UserID, which is something like HJK8GTUC. You can read more about FUNnames if you go here:
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In a reply email, we will let you know if your preferred FUNname is still available.
Would You Like To Become A FUNname Trader @ 30 FUN Credits Per Year?
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Will You BeJoining The FUN Dating Services?
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All subscriptions are 30 FUN credits per year and activate one RICH matrix position.
BITTY Tokens
Because of the strict crypto regulations in the USA, we can only offer BITTY tokens through this reservation form. After the program goes live on 1 September, we can by law no longer offer BITTY tokens to members from the USA. The FUN Blockchain website is here: To read the BITTY Whitepaper, follow this link:
Do You Want To Open A BITTY Trading Account @ 30 FUN Credists Per Year?
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